We sell a wide range of ropes from the renowned French manufacturer of ropes COUSIN TRESTEC  

A branch of Dalle Group, COUSIN Trestec is a rope manufacturer, specialized since 1848 in the transformation of synthetic fibres by twisting, cabling, braiding and impregnation into ropes and cords for use in the fields of sport (sailing, climbing, paragliding, kitesurf…) and safety as well as industrial (offshore, lifting, car industry…) and military applications.  Thanks to the know-how and expertise of the group and its subsidiaries (COUSIN Composites, Major Sport – Tecnifibre), COUSIN Trestec is the leading name in the rope market.

To improve comfort, safety and performance, COUSIN Trestec uses the best materials on the market: high tenacity polyamide and polyester, Technora®, Kevlar® and other such as Twaron®, Dyneema®, Spectra®, Vectran® or PBO®.

In addition to an unequalled knowledge in these matters, Trestec’s strength is to bring together all available technologies and to have a perfect command of the heat treatments (drawing, retraction, stabilization, proofing) and impregnation.

COUSIN Trestec’s trademark is to combine traditional know how with the high tech fibres and technology

We guarantee the lowest prices on the local market